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Aug 15, 2021
Just a few things being heard in conspiracy land...

1. Alex Jones' Book about the Great reset hits number one- sorry nornies who hate AJ bc your tv and fake news programmed you to🤪

2. Pedo CCP owned Joey to be removed from his fake occupier position and replaced by some combination of Toes up Harris, hair Gel Commie Newsome and get ready for this one- Big Mike to get in the fold somehow- what entertainment could be upcoming - remember they laugh at us who they install- first gay prez and trans first dude, brain noodle pedo Joey, Et al, they will have no trouble installing the combo I said- they know the Normies will do nothing about it.

3. SCOTUS back in session and could right (reseat the rightful Prez) the color revolution coup orchestrated in 2020 by the C-IA, Victoria Newlands, Obama et al(if those names sound familiar they orchestrated the color revolution in Ukraine 2014...bc the leader of Ukraine would not hate Russia 🤪) , Arab Spring et al it's what they do.

4. Russia and China teaming up to make sure no color revolutions take place in their countries and their allies by the USA occupied 3 letter agencies...also Russia said ok UK/EU- will just sell our oil to a China as a pipeline is already in the works.

I think China -Russia Pipeline done deal, AJ number one book is a done deal, Russia China blocking USA color revolutions done deal- will see if the others come true- just chatter I won't go out on a limb but hope to revisit this thread a few months from now ...

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