I Think I’ll Vote This Time Around

Ponca Dan

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Dec 7, 2003
The collectivist progressive left has finally shown me the way. I had not realized the danger the extremist right-wing rhetoric posed to the sanity of the country. Look at what happened to a poor 82 year old gay partner to a San Francisco politician because of all the hateful right-wing diatribes. I mean, my God! It led a whack job into violence and there is nothing worse than right-wing-whack-job violence, it is so much worse than the mostly peaceful left-wing violence of the last couple of years. After all, mostly peaceful left wing violence is carried out by mostly sane people and is therefore fully justified. Right wing rhetoric has an uncanny hypnotic effecy on whack jobs which puts left-wing politicians and their gay spouses in grave danger. Extremist right-wing rhetoric must come to a screeching halt immediately, it must be banned, the hell with the Constitution. This is too serious to let the Constitution get in the way of the collectivist progressive global vision. It is clear that I must vote for Democrats who will spit on individual freedom in the name of protecting us from extremist right-wing hate speech and the violence from whack jobs that put it in action. We must all vote for collectivist Democrats in the name of preservng our safety. So I’m going to vote straight Democrat Party ticket, and I urge you to do the same. This is too serious to let Republican partisan loyalty get in the way.

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