What was the final straw for Trump ...


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Aug 15, 2021
That they felt they had to go all out to take him out with the coup...Was it his Middle East peace to reign in or destroy the military industrial complex taking away hundreds of billions of dollars to them each year? Was it 'The importance he put on fighting child trafficking taking away another one of their demonic money making? Pure evil what they do to Gods' and our children.

Corn feels it was when he said he was going to end federal income tax taking away their evil money they steal from us each year that's so massive of a number and makes the rich elite POS uber more rich yearly.

And yet the Normies think they should pay their fair share to the demons like total sheep- they won't call for the rightful Prez to be recognized bc the FAKE NEWS MEDIA programmed them to give some of the sheep TDS and divide the people - if the media had reported the truth then everyone would have rallied around Trump bc of all the good he did


Normies (most of this board) are the enablers bc they cannot think for themselves they rely on fake news sponsored by POS pfizer, Moderna. Blackrock et al and get their talking points from 3 letter agencies


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I agree with 2/5 of the paragraphs in your post. You may be on the road to recovery.

Keep up the good work.
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