Basketball 2017-18 (after 5 games)


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Aug 5, 2001
What needs to change or be tweaked on this team before the Big 12 play starts?

1) better shot selection (NO more contested 3pt shots and this MUST be enforced with Dziagwa)

2) limit the number of players who have the green light to shoot the 3pt shot (NOT N'Guessan or Solomon)

3) run our old offense from last year and not run the Travis Ford offense on every possession (which is mainly ball screens and double screens for shooters)

4) change the defensive pressure into a call that is made at certain points during the game and NOT the main defense that is played 90% of the time (pack the defense into the lane, work on rotations and fundamentals, practice making defenders take more charges, always deny the main 3pt shooters). Or if we want to turn up the pressure at times, we need to work on some half-court traps that fall back into a match-up zone (either a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 or 2-3).

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