Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat - Week 4

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    This weeks edition is short and sweet because of the holidays. There were only 4 duals over the weekend, and out of those, there were only 2 "upsets".

    The first upset was on Black Friday where Mitch Bowman of Iowa was wrestling up at 197 in place of Iowa's assumed starter Jacob Warner (he still hasn't made his debut yet). Bowman knocked off Purdue's #17 Christian Brunner by way of a 7 - 5 decision. You can read more about the dual via IAWrestle: https://iawrestle.com/2018/11/24/depth-on-display-as-iowa-tops-purdue-in-big-ten-opener/


    The second/last upset of the weekend came yesterday in the Cowboys vs Cowboys dual (OSU vs Wyoming) where #13 Branson Ashworth beat #5 Chandler Rogers 4 - 1. Watching the dual live on Flo I kept thinking/waiting for Rogers to hit the big move, but Branson's defense proved to be too tough. Ashworth is off to a good start this season going 10 - 1 so far, with his only loss coming to former OSU wrestler Chance Marsteller.


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