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Aug 15, 2021
When people from other countries see videos of the crime going on here and ask him is it really that bad his comment was "it's way worse, people can't go out to the supermarket to get a loaf of bread" they're too scared in the cities.

The good quote about this is he said "when it comes time to do the right thing to fix this, people will accept it, Bc they see how horrible it is. In my opinion and many many others -it means since he is still the president then it will be the Military to OK all of these states to report the decertification. Yes the OSU Normie board will never call it out but we are in a dual presidency for the second time in our history. The fake corrupt media and theCorrupt infiltrated swamp about the only ones that recognize the pedo puppet as the president, oh and of course the Normies.

But hang in there people- this thing will flip and as they say, it'll be biblical. Even tho the Normies were too scared to call out an enemy regime that overthrew our duly elected President and ran the country into the ground and stole the kids from us/ - y'all will get the rewards anyways
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