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Dec 7, 2003
I was in a bookstore yesterday and picked up a book by Ursula K. LeGuin, *No Time to Spare.* I have read a couple of her novels and had a lot of trouble getting into them. But this little book (it’s only a couple hundred pages) is comprised of posts she wrote on a blog she started when she turned 80. And the essays are about being old, aging, acceptance of what getting old means, and they are glorious! I strongly recommend you pick up a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

I guess while I’m at it I’ll go ahead and recommend the Netflix show, The Kominsky Method, starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, about a couple of old geezers still making their way in the world in spite of their diminished physical abilities. I love that show! Paul Reiser plays a supporting role - I didn’t recognize who he was at first, he got old and heavy - but he is hilarious. There’s a scene where he gets on his knee to ask a girl to marry him and then she has to help him get back up because his knees were bad. Boy! Could I identify! I wish there were more shows like that about what it’s like to get old.
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