Osuintx mother sees the light!


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Jan 31, 2004
Well not exactly lol. She refuses to take anymore shots bc they promised with two - all would be hunky dory....I said do you still believe in those first two and she said she did. But hey at least she sees some light. After staying in over a year and buying the BS the first go round she decided to NOT let the Delta BS variant crapola lie keep her from Win Star!

One reason I love my Church - none of the congregation fell for the mask and shot BS- not even the elderly. You may see one mask every other week- there's still grown middle aged men be lining up for every shot and booster the corrupt govt, media and big Harma throw at them- what is it now- 3 shots and 2 boosters? What's the over and under for total shots in 2022? I'm putting it at 7 as an early line......