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Aug 5, 2001
The problem is the Thunder will never win a championship with Russell Westbrook at point guard. He is too careless with the ball and makes boneheaded decisions during crunch time. The Thunder need a true point guard who (at all times during the game) will run the offense and the plays called by the head coach. Plus it would put the 5 best players currently on the roster in the game at the same time. Look back to the beginning of the season when Dennis Schröder was running the point guard position and the ball was being distributed and the team was playing like a "team." When they moved him to the bench he lost his confidence and put him in a unfamiliar role (not playing to his strengths) as a shooting guard who they don't want to shoot or handle the ball.

Russ really needs to swallow his pride and just move to shooting guard, which is a more natural position for him. Michael Jordan was moved to point guard in 1989 and he would have been the best point guard that ever played (he averaged a triple double), but the coaches quickly realized playing him at shooting guard gave his team the best chance to win. Two years later he won his first of 6 championships.

Regarding the alarming number of 3 point shots taken by many teams around the league. Everyone wants to be like the Golden State Warriors, but just because you want to be like them doesn't mean you should take more 3 point shots. In the history of basketball, there just aren't many Stephen Curry's or Kevin Durant's that come along. Not to mention they are on the same team and have other shooters like Klay Thompson.

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