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    ...need wrestling shoes. Wrestling for Life partners with Mary Jo McDaniel and her son, Cory Presgrove, to help provide shoes to financially challenged schools in Oklahoma. Mary Jo is the daughter of Cowboy legend and Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Joe McDaniel. They currently have a big need for shoes that we are only partially able to help them with. Do you know anyone that has gently used shoes that could be donated? Would you like to make a cash donation to Mary Jo and Cory? We have worked with them for three years and they do a great job. They have just caught us at a time when the need for shoes exceeds our ability to supply them.

    If you would like to help, email me at Thanks
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    May 22, 2016
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    Wrestling for Life accomplishes nothing without the cooperation of so many other members of the wrestling community. We are happy to partner with Mary Jo McDaniel and Cory Presgrove to get shoes to kids in Oklahoma.

    Mary Jo McDaniel
    12 hrs
    I am so proud to announce that through our Partnership with Wrestling for Life we have helped 3 schools with Wrestling shoes! Thank you Jim Brown for your continued support! Congratulations Inola 2017, Owasso and Sallisaw 2018!!!!

    This is the kind of thing that WFL does behind the scenes. Please help our kids if you can. There are still several schools in Oklahoma asking for help.

    Skip that cup of fu-fu coffee, bring your lunch an extra day-each little bit adds up and goes directly to the kids.

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