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Aug 5, 2001
1) Business Financial Support - They really need to get businesses involved and have these companies rate and present awards at the end of these festivities for actual monetary prizes. For example, if Bank of Oklahoma were the biggest sponsor they could provide the first place award for $20,000 to help offset the costs for the fraternities and sororities and any leftover money could be put into their general fund. Second prize amounts could be $10,000 and third prize could be $5,000.

2) 3-point Shooting Contest - have the top two men's basketball players compete against each other on each end, then have the top two female basketball players compete against each other, then have the top two coaches (whether they are basketball or any other sport) compete against each other, then have a tryout 2 hours before the start of the festivities for any non-oSu athlete to compete for two spots. Then put the winners of the men's basketball players against the fans and put the winner of the female basketball players against the coaches. Then the winners of these two will compete in the final round.

3) Slam Dunk Contest - only do two rounds (and do NOT require the men to have to use any of the female basketball players during the dunk). It doesn't matter how many men's basketball players compete in the first round, but only the top two will advance to the final round to compete against each other. This will keep players from holding back their best dunks and dragging out the contest. Plus it forces the players to pull out their top two dunks right off the bat, which will create a lot of buzz from the crowd. The winner of the cumulative score wins. The scoring is based on celebrity scoring (past players and no more than 3) and allow the crowd to score the dunks by using a crowdmeter. Louder the crowd cheers the higher the meter goes between 1 and 10. Then average all the scores together for each dunk.

4) Men's Scrimmage - this is the main reason why most of the fans come to this event. Not sure why this has been taken away, but most oSu fans want a glimpse of what they could see on the basketball court. Plus, if fans get excited by watching the scrimmage by getting a glimpse of the new players on the team, they are more likely to buy tickets before the season begins (instead of waiting to see the team on TV before deciding). Plus, if fans wait until after they see the team on TV, fans may decide it's much easier to watch games from home and potentially lose the chance of getting these fans to the games.

5) Player Introductions - keep it basic like it would be for a regular basketball game. Don't waste the time allowing each player to dance to their own introduction music. This is a HUGE waste of time, it's awkward, and it's not what the fans came to see.
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