For those of who did not watch the RNC last night....most savage attack yet on abortion...


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Listen to this until the end. She worked for Planned Parenthood and received their highest award, which she explains the racist beliefs of the individual in which the award she received was named after. Explains she was given abortion quotas and assisted with an abortion and talked about it (will not ruin that for you).

Republicans are taking this issue on in this election head on like never before.

I did not intend to watch the RNC last night but ended up watching. It was unbelievable the program they had, so many high points.

This might be the clearest and most positive and inclusive vision for America the RNC has ever put forward. Unlike the DNC, they are clearly focused, united, and the party is has left the Bush, McCain, Romney, in the dust and if you can not get behind what this party is about? Too bad for you. Republican party has some great young politicians coming up the ranks, and the African American politicians they have coming up are going to be really good.

African American Kentucky AD slayed it, looks like a future super star, he kills Biden near the end:

Sandmann murdered MSM

The story on Jon Ponder was amazing as well as the live Pardon he received from Trump. Watch that whole story and Trump's role.

I thought it would be boring as hell, but it was an uplifting well produced event with other numerous stories from normal working Americans how Trump's economic policies returned prosperity to them. One was a lobsterman from Maine, the beauty in these stories is how Trump has addressed numerous "small and mostly off the radar laws" that hurt American workers and he fixed it. He has tackled the big and the small issues, no matter if you are the dairy farmer in Iowa, or the lobsterman in Maine.

They had a live swearing in ceremony from the WH of 5 new immigrants, demonstrating that this Party and Trump if FOR immigration, FOR people that do it the right way.

The number of issues that was addressed and how they were addressed was amazing.

Melania Trump? They need to let her speak more, she was all class, refused to say anything bad about the other side, unlike the previous first lady. Very uplifting and positive speech.

I am not much for watching these, but once I tuned in it was must see TV.

The Republican party is healthy, and it roared last night unlike anything I have ever seen.
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Oct 14, 2018
LOL every time. Another loon, probably lying her ass off like everyone else in Trump's sphere.



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