Five reasons why campaign cash is rolling in for Trump and even Goldman Sachs is forecasting victory


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April 15, 2019
Five reasons why campaign cash is rolling in for Trump and even Goldman Sachs is forecasting victory
By Monica Showalter
Here's something to give the Trump-hating left some heartburn, from Axios:

The Trump campaign told the AP on Sunday that it raised more than $30 million in the first quarter of 2019, bringing it total cash on hand to $40.8 million.

Why it matters: The AP notes that this is "an unprecedented war chest for an incumbent president this early in a campaign," especially with the Republican National Committee also raising $45.8 million in the first quarter — bringing the pro-Trump effort's total cash on hand to $82 million. 99% of donations were $200 or less, with an average contribution of $34.26.

Massive money amounts. Tiny dollar increments. For every $100 dollar check, there were probably a dozen $5 checks based on an average like that. It spells massive grassroots support. The deplorables are roused.

Axios thinks it's because President Trump started his fundraising early. I am sure it was an advantage and good leaders always plan ahead.

But more likely, other factors, far more painful for leftists to accept, are at work:

One, the Trump economy is spectacular. After being ignored and patronized for decades by Republican and Democratic president alike, workers are now in charge of the job market under President Trump's policies and leadership, seeing an array of jobs before their eyes. Not only do they now have jobs after a long, long drought, they have their choice of jobs. The jobless numbers are at record lows and it extends well into the disadvantaged groups in the job market who always see less of them - blacks, Hispanics, women, handicapped people, ex-convicts. They're all seeing record-low unemployment. That's empowerment unlike anything a welfare 'program' can hand out. It's also reason enough to re-elect anyone. Free market economics work every time you try them.

Two, the Democratic clown car of candidates keeps driving ever more crazily. The now-twenty-some Democrats seeking to unseat Trump are all offering extravagant new government programs as a substitute for jobs, in an amazing array of virtue-signalling flavors. They're all selling the same socialism yet the only contest between them is to see who can be more socialist. They're also running on identity politics, with Democratic leaders blatantly manipulating these cookie-cutter socialists in a bid to present just the right black-woman-gay-Latino-Asian combination for the Trump-toppling vote. Already Democratic voters themselves seem to be resisting that cynical packaging, because the top Democratic candidates, according to the polls, are all white males - Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke, undeclared Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg. Something is falling flat for the puppetmasters.

Third, the Democratic-led House is a good reminder to voters just why giving Democrats more power is a bad idea. They've accomplished nothing, for starters. A twenty-nine-year-old ex-bartender's inchoate 'Green New Deal' to eliminate everything including double-entry bookkeeping to save the planet has been treated as religion by a large number of these Democrats. Meanwhile, the dumpster fire of anti-Semitism and 9/11 trivialization is still coming from the direction of an embittered refugee turned Democratic congresswoman, who according to Democrats, is untouchable and uncriticizable. Then there's the lunatic congressman from Los Angeles, still searching for his pony in the manure of the Mueller report, hoping to pin the tail on Trump.


Four, there's the behavior of Democratic-run cities and municipalities - from filth-laden San Francisco and health-hazard Flint, to the unpopular sanctuary cities declarations that enable lawlessneess, to the countless taxes and petty tyrannies around plastic bags and other save-the-earth city and state laws, to the even more coercive moves around transgender issues and who can compete in sports or use women's bathrooms. It all suggests that Democrat-run places are Venezuela-like places, and has to be driving Republican voters.

Fifth, there is a massive border crisis premised on the increasingly powerful human smuggling cartels marketing their 'services' though social media, along with loopholes in U.S. asylum laws that enable them to make billions, and all of these leftist clowns refuse to do a single thing about it, no matter how big the human waves get. Whether they are in Congress or the California governor's mansion, these Democrats actually shut down the government for more than a month to prevent a badly needed wall which the public wants, and now they're now resisting any mending of loopholes in asylum laws which permit not just anyone from Central America who wants in to roll in, but anyone from Congo, Bangladesh, and well beyond to roll in, too. They aren't budging and the public is noticing and it's not a pretty picture.

With this revolting specter, and it's just Monday, is it any wonder the money is rolling in for Trump? Is it any wonder that even lefty Goldman Sachs is forecasting a re-election victory for Trump? Democrats can change their ways to improve their odds if they're serious about reversing these head winds, but I'm not placing any bets on it.


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Dec 7, 2003
Regarding #4. I saw where California, where else?, decided to ban the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner given out at hotels. Save 'em while you can because TSA won't alter their rules on carry-on size bottles regardless of what California dictates.
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