Dr Anthony Mawson, Dr Paul Thomas


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Aug 15, 2021
Two doctors who have done studies with hundreds of vaccinated kids v unvaccinated kids and documented the health of both groups- the results are very telling in the health of these kids. The unvaccinated kiddos are shockingly Way more healthy (not shocking to Corn)

I suggest if you have kids, going to have kids, going to have grand kids look up these guys, ICAN and Del Bigtree do tons of work on this subject, Ty and Charlene Bollinger et al

Again they are injecting our kids with 30-50 of these vaccines (used to be one) that cause all kinds of problems. I taught almost 30 years and saw this everyday - ask teachers how the kids have gotten worse and worse through the years wirh auto immune disorders et al and it's exponential

THERE IS NO MED YOU CAN TAKE THAT DOES NOT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS- some way more than others. God gave us what we need to fend off sickness- don't make the kids worse

Again don't take Corns' word- prove me wrong- Pharma makes a trillion a year between vaccines and treating vaccine injuries and oncology - they get NOTHING if we are healthy