Chinese Owned Marijuana Farms in Oklahoma


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Oct 22, 2003
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What say you @JD ? Is the State of OK on this issue and if not, why ?
Lets not get derailed here...... it's not about the Pot. This is about allowing our farms/food/commodity markets/food sources to be run by foreign agents. Stopping that threat..... That's the real legislation that needs to take place. Wonder what the dirty laundry is that keeps them from doing something meaningful. Not sure the Fed. can legislate that for the state...doubt it. This is on the States and it needs to be done NOW before any more are sold. It's one thing to allow a percentage of investment in a property by a foreign based entity, but the majority should still be run by US based and have genuine US ownership. ie. 65/35 type US/Foreign investments or less. The Gub should make an executive stop decision immediately until congress can write meaningful thoughtful legislation.
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