CFP Rankings Week 14 & Who is on the CFB Playoff Selection Committee?

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    2018 CFP Final Rankings at college football today are below and why we decided on each teams position in the 2018-2019 College Football Playoff. When it is all said and done, the 13 member College Football Playoff committee (below) will have the final say on who will compete for the College Football Playoff and College Football FBS National Championship. We believe the committee will do the following below with the top 8 college football teams.


    Who is on the CFB Playoff Committee

    Ever wonder who is on the 13 member CFB Playoff selection committee? Below the list of the CFB Playoff Selection Committee is a short explanation that was in our 8 team CFB Playoff scenario and how it would be determined in brief.


    The BCS Final Four 2018 is now the CFP Final Four 2018, as the new College Football Playoff format has brought many to light on the changes coming to College Football Today. We hope you tune in for our 2019 College Football Today HS All-American Bowl, which will be broadcast live to millions worldwide via College Football Today and will have scouting material available for college recruiters nationally via links to each College Football Today All-American's scouting data profile.


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