can you imagine, if this happened to a rep pres?


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Dec 10, 2003
heels up giggles her way through life, but everytime she opens her pen7$ holder she makes a bigger fool of herself. no one can imagine her as pres.

kumala staffer test positive after meeting the the "tejas traitors"

and then raggedy anne tells interviewers that, yes, some white house staff have tested positve. what? no masks and social distancing?

add the chaos at the border, not encouraging cubans to come to USA. hint: cubans vote republican. sorry we are all stocked up on republican immigrants.

inflation running wild, but not to worry, its only temporary. yea kinda like temporary taxes

riots all summer and doj is only prosecuting july 6th protesters.

climate change? if you don't get india and china on board, you are wrecking our economy for nothing. china is building a bunch of coal fired power plants NOW.

if this was a republican administration, the media would be roasting them over hot coals.

keep it up progressives, you gonna get your ass handed to you in the mid terms. if the wicked witch of the west needs help moving from the speakers office to her old digs, i can only get 300,000 to 400,000 people to help her move.

anybody else willing to put up with "mean" tweets if it means oil independence and telling the ragheads to keep their friggin' oil? sounds good to me.

hard to not believe your lying eyes.