Blacks kids get priority over whites in return to school because of inequity, racism, classism


Dec 1, 2015
Finally someone is doing something to combat whiteness.

From the link:

A suburban Chicago school district has said students of color will get the first chance to return for in-person learning when schools reopen, citing "a pandemic" of "inequity and racism, and classism" that preceded COVID-19.

Because District 65, which includes students from Evanston and Skokie, won't force teachers to work on-site, school buildings may not be able to accomodate all students who would like to come back to their classrooms. In that event, Superintendent Devon Horton reportedly said, the district would give priority to "Black and Brown students," and others it considered to be "marginalized" or "oppressed."

“We are in a pandemic," Horton said, according to a report from the Evanston Roundtable on Tuesday. “And we also know that everyone is affected by this differently. But there was a pandemic before this. That was inequity and racism, and classism and all of these other things.


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Oct 16, 2004
This only hurts poor white people. The haves agree with it while their kid will never suffer, the poor whites have no al sharpton or corporate media to be their megaphone.

All of this ignorance, defunding police, arbitrary racism against whites will ONLY hurt the poor and impoverished of all colors.

People with money can always buy away 99% of their problems. Duh...

It's been that way since Adam and Eve.


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Sep 5, 2001
What's really funny is that he all but said: "Black kids need it more than white kids". If he had used terms like "economically disadvantaged" or "inner city" then it would have read fine. Instead he used "black and brown" to basically say that whites are smarter and ahead of "black and brown" kids and thus the minority kids needs onsite schooling more.


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Jul 7, 2008
Having Black Lives Matter painted on the street while not allowing Blue Lives Matter to be is not legal yet it is happening in Tulsa. Legal left a long time ago.

PT Barnum and his gutless clown show are despicable spinless pretenders. He wouldn't stand up to a 5mph breeze...they painted that hideous sign without even getting a permit, now the city is agonizing on figuring out how to keep it there so as not to get tagged with the "R" word. PT is going to run for higher office as well, so he can't let anything like simply enforcing rules on the books, be his legacy here in Tulsa.

On a happier note. I wore my "All Lives Splatter No One Cares About Your Protests So Keep Your Ass Out Of The Road," tee yesterday. Lots of thumbs up and even a few folks who asked if I wouldn't mind if they took a pic. Good times.

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