Big 12 trending up

Jan 8, 2017
Several reasons but to name a Few:

-record revenue by conference booked in 2017

-best postseason record of all conferences over last two years

-Red River will carry national implications again a la 2000’s for next 10-15 years under Herman and Riley

-overall talent level trending back up: OU hasn’t had 3 straight top ten classes since 2002-2004, doing it again here 2017-2019 (2019 already a lock for one). Texas put in a top 5 class for the first time since at least 2013 under Mack. Prob 2000’s. TCU, Baylor, Pokes, and WVU all averaging top 30 classes.

-Draft: Draft picks were well better in 2018 than 2017. Will continue to trend to 25-30 annually for next few years.

-competing in the playoff with OU and now TCU, WVA, Texas, Okie State, K-State all can get there in any given year beside just OU.

More to come.
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