11/01/19 Basketball Player & Game Analysis


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Aug 5, 2001
First Half Analysis
Not sure why we've gone away from the base offense that was very successful under Brad Underwood. Our current offense consists of ball screens on the perimeter and passing around the perimeter. Too often we still tend to make one or two passes and jack up contested three's. This will make us an up and down team all year this is not corrected.

We are also playing with no urgency or fire. It looks like we've decided we could walk out here and run them out of the gym. The players aren't doing the little things you need to do to win. One of the main things is the help side defender needs to get in position for rebounds. The second and third put backs against a very undersized team is just not acceptable. When all the freshmen on the floor they look really good. The potential is there and so is the chemistry.

Second Half Analysis
We came out playing with more urgency, but the real turn in the game was a technical foul where we shot four free throws and got the ball back and Dizzy hit a three.

We still are not passing the ball enough or driving to the hoop enough to put pressure on the defense. We seem way too content to pass the ball around the perimeter and jack up a contested 3 point shot.

Our defense is still a work in progress. When we play with effort and urgency we're pretty good. However, there are still too many shots that were uncontested or when they were contested they weren't right up in the face of the player. We also need to a better job of getting back in transition, we gave up too many of those tonight. The good news is we didn't have too many back door passes for layups. Something else we need to do better to be a good or great defensive team is having active hands. I hate seeing players with their hands down (at ANY time) on defense. If the team embraces putting their hands up, it takes away passing lanes and makes it much harder on an offense.

Isaac Likekele
He looks good, but doesn't look like he is 100% (or isn't giving 100% which his effort and tenacity are some of his strengths). He still looks good taking the ball to the basket, but really needs to put a lot more pressure on the defense every possession by bringing the ball up quickly and taking it to the hoop (like Evans did).

Thomas Dziagwa
He did not play a lot, but did make some good passes, which is a good sign. I hope he's more willing to pass the ball than to jack up contested threes this year. That'll give us more possessions and will be a better offense.

Lindy Waters III
We know what he can do and he was very passive tonight and didn't play much. I'm sure in a real game he's going to get a lot more minutes.

Cameron McGriff
He finally looks healthy and his outside game looks like his freshman year, but even better. He was also attacking the rim and throwing down slams which is a good sign.

Yor Anei
He also didn't play much, but like early last year he keeps getting into foul trouble. He needs to understand that he can't jump up when a player is jumping up into him because he'll get those fouls called 99% of the time. He did show a nice mid-range shot and a couple of good blocks in the second half.

Avery Anderson
He looks a lot better than the first time I saw him at the open scrimmage. He seems to be a lot more comfortable and confident. I was really high on him and Watson coming out of high school. He's good at creating his own shot and made some really nice passes including a bounce pass to a cutting Boone twin.

Keylan Boone
He will not redshirt. His game looks really good for freshman and he's got incredible athletic ability. He seems to make good decisions with the ball in his hands, plays good defense, takes open shots and doesn't seem to force contested shots. I can see him playing some good minutes. At the start of the game he was the first player off the bench.

Chris Harris Jr
I like his effort, but I don't see him being on the same level as all the other players. I could see him possibly taking a redshirt, but maybe not with Watson likely being gone forever and oSu already being down a scholarship player..

Kalib Boone
He's really athletic and very smart player. He's probably the best backside defender we have on the team (seems to know how to position himself where he can get the block without fouling). He had a couple of great blocks coming off of his man. I could see us using him at the four and Yor at the center position when we are playing Big 12 teams with great size. He also shows a great post up game and hustle with two really nice alley oops in transition.

Jonathan Laurent
Really didn't see him play much. Looking at his old tape he looks like a really good player. I'd like to see a more of him. In the second half he drove to the basket past three defenders and laid it in on the back side of the basket. This is the kind of player I saw on tape, which is a guy that's aggressive and likes to take it to the hole. However, he's also patient enough to shoot the three-point shot when it's open.

Hidde Roessink
Roessink is the best offensive big man we've had since Big Country. He is smart with the ball and his hands, like most European players he has good handles and he can take it to the hoop, he's got a sweet stroke from the outside, and even has a really nice jump hook. Currently, I'd say he's average defensively, but I could see him getting much better. He has good size & strength, decent speed, and decent athletic ability. I could see him being more of a good positional defender like Solomon (not a shot blocker).

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