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    The More I Hear Kamala Harris Speak ...

    They don't call her heels up Harris for nothing.
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    Are You Doing Anything Different with Your Money

    Yes. We have taken some profits and kept the funds in cash. About 35% of our portfolio is sitting in cash waiting to see what takes place with the election. Traditionally it's not a good idea to make financial decisions on politics but these are different times and ones that I haven't seen in my...
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    Fake News Complex Urging Pedo Quid Pro Joe to Back Out of Final Two Debates

    My wife felt the same way. She kept trying to tell Trump to let Biden speak. My take was a little different. While I wished Trump would have let Biden hang himself with his own words, I did like that Trump wouldn't take his or Wallace's shit and fought back like a junk yard dog. I didn't vote...
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    The key thing about tonight’s debate...

    National polls are worthless. Population centers like NYC, LA, San Fran, etc have huge populations that highly skew the numbers in a electoral college system. All that matters are the polls and numbers in swing states.
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    Biden Claims The Story On Hunter Biden Has Been Discredited?

    In other words, Biden saying the story had been discredited was a blatant lie? I guess it's another one of those truth over facts deals.
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    Proud Boys: "...stand back and stand by"

    Funny how David Allen is outraged with the Proud Boys but seems to be supportive of a group that is literally burning down the country.
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    Biden Claims The Story On Hunter Biden Has Been Discredited?

    Anyone know which credible source has discredited this story? All I can find is Democrats say there is no connection to Hunter. Democrats have no credibility.
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    This is painful...

    Sadly that's true.
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    This is painful...

    What a shit show. Wallace lost control from the get go. More of an argument than a debate.
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    How low is the bar for Biden

    Watching videos of Biden eight to ten years ago it's obvious he is not as sharp as he used to be. Nothing wrong with getting old but there is when that person wants to be the President of the United States.
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    How low is the bar for Biden

    It doesn't matter what takes place tonight. The MSM has their narrative and already has their headlines written.
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    Who are they killing?

    The term useful idiots comes to mind.
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    Biden Political Director Implicated In Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Hopefully the implication is enough to keep them from carrying forward with their plans of Democrats stealing the election by means of voter fraud.
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    Trump said you freeloaders need to pay more federal taxes

    He has a point when 50% of the people in this country do not pay federal income taxes but of course that is different, right lefties?
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    On One Level You Have To Admire The Professional Political Class

    LOL it doesn't take genius to to get leftist to believe anything. Their masters speak, they believe it.
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    Democrats Committing Voter Fraud? You Don't Say
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    What Makes People Hate Law Enforcement

    I'm not afraid of the police but then again about the only thing I do wrong is I'm of the opinion that speed limits are merely a a suggestion. Except school zones.
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    Who’s More Socialist ...

    You might want to take a step back and look into the mirror. I'm thinking real maple syrup with my pancakes but I might go with the old standby of Aunt Jemima while I still can. You know the whole cancel culture thing.
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    Who’s More Socialist ...

    Should I have pancakes for breakfast?
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    CNN and MSNBC refuse to respect grand jury's decision

    Should charge both with inciting riots and take away their broadcasting license.