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    What Makes People Hate Law Enforcement

    Some people fear police because they believe the false narratives told by the media
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    RBG is gone

    You don’t want Cruz or another siting Senator. You need as many Senators voting to confirm as you can.
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    Would it be worth it?

    Yea, Trump should nominate candidate.
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    Dark - Netflix

    I have watched 8 episodes of season one. I am loving it. I did Google “dark character chart” and found an image that helps me follow along. Also, instead of subtitles, I am listening to English dub.
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    Meanwhile in Pittsburgh.....

    What human, in their right mind (and that is the key), would think this will help influence someone to agree with their positions?
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    Bucks boycott playoff—NFL, NCAA next?

    And now confirmed that Jacob Blake had a knife. Not looking good for our NBAers.
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    Portland done went all Portland again

    The bias in this article is astounding. Obviously the audience is extremist liberals. Article refers to Back the Blue as “right-wing” several times and Proud Boys as “far-right“ several times. But the adjective for BLM is “anti-racism Black Lives Matter”. It never mentions ANTIFA. The...
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    OT: Pokes please don’t adapt the new Rivals format

    Some people will believe that.
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    Sweden Logs Highest Death Toll Since 1869 in First Half of 2020

    5,170 of their 5,802 deaths are 70+ years or older (a whopping 89%). Only 72 of the 5,802 are under 50 years old. Sweden kept elementary schools open and reported no issues. Closing schools is ridiculous due to COVID.
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    Hopefully osu is about to get their balls sued off

    Sorry, not going to debate. What you posted is just dumb.
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    If thunder players kneel for the national anthem will you pay to go to future games?

    Huh? The game is on TV. Fox Sports Oklahoma carried the game.
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    If thunder players kneel for the national anthem will you pay to go to future games?

    I answered no. However, I have been to about 25 Thunder games over the years and have yet to pay for a ticket ... so I have no plan to start now. :)
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    How do Climate Change worshippers explain this

    Researchers now say the Mediterranean Sea was 3.6 degrees warmer during the Roman Empire than now.
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    They couldn’t even hold a simple rally in Louisville without accidentally discharging their guns and shooting three of their own. I think they would unfortunately get destroyed and outgunned in Chicago.
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    Democrats Considering Filibuster Rule Change If Democrats Win The Majority In The Senate

    Agree with one exception. I think raising taxes should require a super-majority. Our leaders should look for options to fund projects, entitlements, and services through regular budgeting (give and take with offsetting service cuts) instead of flipping the switch and soaking hard-working...
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    I love my black and orange Jeep Wrangler. But may buy my wife an orange and black Bronco. They look sharp.
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    CDC Employees Made > 8,000 Fed Contributions To PACs & Politicians Since 2015. Only 5 Went To GOP

    *Where did I say there is no long term negative impact from COVID? Do you have evidence that COVID has term impact on youths. I am stunned you have more information than our medical community. * Your response to gender and sex proves my above point. * If you can’t admit that libs have taken...
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    My Favorite Movie Comedies

    Haha. Yes. My bad. Although that initial host of Trading Spaces, Paige Davis, was very cute.
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    CDC Employees Made > 8,000 Fed Contributions To PACs & Politicians Since 2015. Only 5 Went To GOP

    Let’s be honest. Libs have long since abandoned data and science. Science ignore: 57 genders and end of the world in 12 years say hello. Data: Police hunting black Americans. Coronavirus impact on youths.
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    My Favorite Movie Comedies

    Dumb and Dumber Blazing Saddles Caddyshack Ghostbusters Groundhog Day Fletch Ace Ventura Trading Spaces