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    Proud Boys: "...stand back and stand by"

    dave by chance did you talk to jake tapper last night?
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    Fake News Complex Urging Pedo Quid Pro Joe to Back Out of Final Two Debates

    poll is a true indicator of the coming landslide
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    Glad I am not the only one that noticed. What was in Joes Coat?

    some things can’t be controlled with wires night night joe
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    Proud Boys: "...stand back and stand by"

    @davidallen the mental picture of you typing in a big hissy fit makes for good comedy with my coffee it’s gonna be a long next four years for you bud more middle east peace wealth redistribution that is otardcare getting gutted 401k’s rolling along nicely clinton brennan otard clapper...
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    and from the prosecution today yes that’s doj wrecking the doj
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    prolly worth a discussion

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    cliff notes sullivan’s amicus curaie retired fed judge gleeson
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    play by play of today’s flynn hearing
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    The grift.

    imagine the swing vote going from greater good to a woman with haitan kids oh wait it’s happening
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    Libs and our elders

    use MSM to control the narrative do what the eff you want sans consequence
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    who needs to clear their name again? at this point muellers fishing expedition clearly is an attempted treasonous coup reason one why people don’t just “get to investigate the office of the president” but otard cank brennan took their shot and missed now they’ll pay
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    Kyle Rittenhouse...

    the struggle is real
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    ccp/dnc biden nom

    you deserve this guy ben
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    ccp/dnc biden nom

    ccp/dnc ram rodded this joe pa nomination to flex literally show this country how gullible and malleable the electorate can be reality is those of you who cast a vote for this demented grifter wouldn’t have him alone in a room around your wives or grandkids wouldn’t hire him to represent...
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    CCP/DNC flu

    you see what they are doing here
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    meet the new boss same as the old boss? Typically investigators push for legal process and have to explain the need for the request to the attorneys. BARNETT said the SCO attorneys were pushing for legal process and just wanted investigators to sign affidavits they prepared. Everything was...
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    it’s been a great day for the republic
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    my girl margot throwing shade