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  1. windriverrange

    Are You Doing Anything Different with Your Money

    I’ve been spending most of mine on drugs, hookers and booze. The rest I’m just wasting.
  2. windriverrange

    Biden: "Many fine people continue to fly the Confederate flag."

    Funny, can’t ever remember Trump being accused of being a racist until he ran for President. Obiden has numerous instances of saying wholly inappropriate things. Obiden would have to live til the ripe old age of 897 before he ran out of free passes from the wholly corrupt and useless media.
  3. windriverrange

    This is painful... Pretty funny and true........
  4. windriverrange

    This is painful...

    exactly....put them in a soundproof booth with a mic kill switch and bingo you have the opportunity to have a discussion without interruption.
  5. windriverrange

    This is painful...

    They both are setting the groundwork for not having any more of these dumbass things. Trump is messaging the things the goofball news won’t. Not really sure how Biden can claim all Trump does is lie, wowza!
  6. windriverrange

    This is painful...

    Wallace is getting trampled though.....
  7. windriverrange

    Why are coaches wearing masks?

    Glad none of my relatives have been in your classroom.......your arguing like a defense lawyer who blames the women, his client is charged with raping, because she was dressed so provocatively. The man takes advantage of the laws the political whores say you wouldn't is ignorant...
  8. windriverrange

    NYT - - Trump's taxes - - nothing to see here - - move along

    Exactly Super......only in America can the liberal/Democrat whore politicians along with their bought and paid for media whores complain about a non-politician taking advantage of the very laws they passed.
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    tOSU students furious after university reports Black-on-White 'hate crime' Wow there are some nuggets here.......most telling is these imbeciles thinking it is "illogical" for whitey to be a victim of hate crimes.
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    Regarding DJT Bragging That He Doesn’t Read Books

    Yes of course because all those educated politicians (most of them lawyers) have done such a splendid job of running the country and solving world problems. They continue to thrown billions at failed businesses/industries and don't bat an eye when it becomes obvious the expenses are a waste...
  11. windriverrange

    CCP/DNC flu

    Latest Statistics from know the country that didn't cripple their economy by locking down and kept schools open. As it becomes obvious the Swedes did this right, the media will attack them and the US media will say things...
  12. windriverrange

    Project Veritas exposes Ilhan Omar-connected cash-for-votes ballot harvesting scheme

    Time to tighten the immigration laws. No doubt in my mind that Ilhan "I married my brother" Omar is so dam crooked she can't even straighten out in bed. Pisses me off to no end.......
  13. windriverrange

    House Democrat to Introduce Bill Limiting Supreme Court Terms What a bunch of dam hypocrites.....they want to place term limits on the people who have to rule on the hideous political decision they make. What about term limits for the...
  14. windriverrange

    MUST READ: Author and Analyst Larry Schweikart: WE ARE WINNING so Big that DemoKKKrats Have Literally Resorted to Civil War Pretty reasonable analysis......don't know anything about his previous attempts at forecasting though.
  15. windriverrange

    Pretty Badass Political Ad By Crenshaw Pretty cool......
  16. windriverrange

    This is Lake Trump and it is in Kosovo

    This is Lake Trump and it is in Kosovo It all started as an idea to relax negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia delegations, but the idea to name the Gazivoda/Ujman Lake “Lake Trump” as seen in the photo seems more serious than initially thought. An idea that started as a joke for the Ujman...
  17. windriverrange

    $28 Billion To Date; $14 Billion More In The Pipeline

    PD, of course they won't make a deal if they are getting screwed......but that is not how this works and your being disingenuous by thinking it is. CEO's make decisions all the time that endanger/hurt all the people down the food chain while they take a bribe, their family members get sweetheart...
  18. windriverrange

    $28 Billion To Date; $14 Billion More In The Pipeline

    While I've got no data, I suspect that number pails in comparison to the subsidies that are ladled out to freakin green energy hucksters or ethanol producers. I still believe the trade war is just and appropriate if for no other reason it will redirect manufacturing from China to wherever. If...
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    See woman flip off Trump fans, then crash into car ahead of her

    Purkey, think you are right......the cops did show up though per this article. Sure we will find out later.
  20. windriverrange

    See woman flip off Trump fans, then crash into car ahead of her Dam these people are morons.......hope she didn't ruin her cud.